FAQs: Business Partners

Our Business Development Officer can hold on-site financial workshops on a variety of financial topics, which employees see as an added benefit and investment of the company on their personal development, increasing employee loyalty. We also offer Thrive, a free digital financial education program designed to help your employees better manage money and prepare for their financial future. To schedule, please fill out the simple form below.
We offer on-site visits for membership, a brief presentation, or can even sponsor your company benefit or health fair. Your employees can also join online at www.brtelco.org and we provide all the materials needed to spread the word about Telco to your staff.
No, you do not have to bank with Telco. We care about helping you – business owners, employees and members of our community. We offer products and services that will empower your employees through every financial life stage.
In today’s economic climate, finding ways to help your employees manage their finances can be as important as providing excellent healthcare benefits. By partnering with Telco, you can make it easy for your employees to minimize the financial stress associated with borrowing, saving and planning for the future.

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