Are you ready for hurricane season?

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I know what you’re thinking. You’ve lived in south Louisiana your entire life and go through hurricane season every year. Of course, you’re ready… but are you really?

Maybe you got a dog this year and need to evacuate and don’t know any hotels that accept pets. Or maybe you are a new parent and losing electricity means no more sound machine, which means your baby won’t sleep through the night. Oh yea, we got you on that one!


First things first, make a plan

This will be the most difficult part because it requires a little research. Plan your routes in all directions and look up potential hotels to compare pricing. Make sure to check for hotel pet policies because some have weight limits for pets while others have none.


Gas up, charge up, stock up

Fill up your vehicles ahead of time in case you plan on evacuating. Charge up your phones if you think the power might go out and invest in a solar battery pack. They are inexpensive and can be purchased on Amazon. Be smart and buy more food than beer and Vienna sausage… Think of everyone in the house DAD!


Store important documents

Keep important documents like legal papers, birth certificates, marriage licenses, insurance policies, and jewelry in a deposit box or portable safe that can be taken if evacuation is necessary.


Secure your home

Pick up any outside items that can be taken by the wind like trash cans, flag poles, small pots, and any loose garden tools. If you don’t have shutters for your windows get some hurricane clips and plywood. Yes, lumber prices are outrageous but protecting your home takes priority.


Invest in a generator

This will be the most costly item you can buy but also the most convenient once you have one. Generators vary in price and wattage so it’s important to figure out how much you need to power in your home. Maybe you only want to power the basics like a fridge, window unit, and lights in one room or maybe you want to power your entire house.

It’s easy to think you know exactly what you need to prepare for a hurricane but with work, kids, and life in the way trying to make a plan the day before a storm hits can be nerve-racking. Take some time and put some details together in a Google Doc — once it’s done, it’s done.


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