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Money Market Savings Account

Earn a great rate on deposits of $2,500 or more and enjoy easy access to your funds.

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You get a higher interest rate than a regular savings account, without tying up your funds in a certificate.

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    Competitive APY

    Meet the minimum balance and you can earn 0.15% APY each month with no fixed term.*

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    No Monthly Fees

    We don’t charge a monthly service fee or minimum balance fee so your money grows faster.

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    Easy Withdrawals

    Make up to six withdrawals per month with no penalty – and more if you use an ATM.

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    Open an account with Baton Rouge Telco and enjoy all the benefits, products, and services on offer.

Details About Our Money Market Savings Account

A Money Market Savings Account gives you a higher rate while letting you access the funds as needed.

  • Rate and APY of 0.15%
  • Minimum deposit of $2,500
  • Minimum balance to earn dividends of $2,500
  • Six penalty-free withdrawals per month

Take advantage of the benefits of Money Market Baton Rouge today!

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  • Step1 Apply Online
    Complete our quick and easy online application – if you’re not a member, it takes just minutes to join.
  • Step2 Make Your Deposit
    Deposit at least $2,500 to kickstart your Money Market Savings Account experience.
  • Step3 Grow Your Savings!
    As long as you maintain the minimum required, you’ll earn a great rate and see your balance increase.
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The very best Federal savings and loan anywhere.

Paul B., Baton Rouge, LA

The rate you get for a Money Market Savings Account is higher than for a regular Savings Account because the minimum deposit is $2,500 compared to $5.

You also need to maintain a minimum balance of $2,500 to earn the higher rate and annual percentage yield (APY). Both accounts let you make a certain amount of withdrawals.

Certificate Accounts offer a higher rate than a Money Market Savings but in return, you need to commit your funds to a term of between 3 months and five years. You get higher rates the longer you commit the funds, and you get penalized for withdrawals.

With a Money Market Savings, you can earn a good rate without tying up your funds for a fixed term.

You can see our competitive rates table here. You’ll earn the maximum rate as long as you maintain the minimum balance of $2,500.

There’s no monthly maintenance fee and no minimum balance fee on our Money Market Savings Account. This means there’s no charge if your balance falls below $2,500, though you won’t earn the highest interest rate.

Federal guidelines state you can make up to six withdrawals per month without a fee. (You can make additional withdrawals if from an ATM or in-person teller).

Baton Rouge Telco is a not-for-profit organization and this means we pass our revenue back to members, instead of outside shareholders.

You get revenue in the form of higher rates on savings, lower rates on loans, and fewer fees. Plus, you get friendly local service instead of dealing with a nationwide financial institution.


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National Credit Union Shares Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)

Your money is safe and secure at Baton Rouge Telco Federal Credit Union with savings federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

To see how your funds are insured, you can visit the NCUA Share Insurance Calculator.

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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Dividend rates are subject to change without notice. Dividends are posted monthly based on the daily balance and compounded monthly. Baton Rouge Telco Federal Credit Union Share Certificate rates are variable rate accounts and are subject to change at any time. Rates are not guaranteed. Penalties for early withdrawals may apply. Fees may reduce earnings on the account.