Shop like a pro on Black Friday

Black Friday

We’ve all heard the phrase work smarter, not harder and this holiday season is no different. The elves at Baton Rouge Telco want you to shop smarter, not harder… and save that money! 

Check out the tips below so you can get all the best deals from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. 


Make a list and check it twice

Shopping for the holidays without a list is like grocery shopping while hungry. Bad move fam! List the items you want and the category they are in. This way you can quickly move through the items you are looking for. Have a backup plan in case that item is gone and you have to find something similar. 

Pro tip: Bring a shopping buddy to help. Everybody needs a wingman… or let’s be real, wingwoman. 


Learn the deals, understand the deals, become the deals

Sometimes, the deal in front of you is not necessarily a deal at all. Do your research a few days before and see the prices of the items you want. This way you know if you are actually saving money. Some stores even put items on sale the week leading up to Black Friday. This allows you to knock a few things off your list before the craziness even begins.

Pro tip:  Go to to see the major deals and coupons at all the big stores.


Your phone is a digital swiss army knife

Now more than ever your phone can be the most useful tool this Black Friday. Whatever your go-to social media app is, follow your favorite stores for updates, deals, and in-store Covid-19 rules. If you want to be a social distance king or queen, most stores still have curbside pick up. You might have to wait a bit, but at least you’ll be in the comfort of your own car and you can tell them when you are ready to pick up through their app.  

Pro tip: Use the Amazon app to check the price online. Tap the camera icon next to the search bar.

And remember, please be courteous to your fellow shoppers, don’t forget your mask, and be patient. Lines may be longer than ever with a 6-foot social distancing going on. 


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