Halloween Hacks

Halloween Hacks

As pumpkins begin to populate front doors, skeletons cover lawns, and the smell of pumpkin spice fills the air… which can only mean one thing. IT’S SPOOKY SEASON Y’ALL! We know you want to keep up with the Joneses for Halloween even if your budget doesn’t. So, we put together some tips and treats that will prevent your bank account from giving you a real scare.


Pick A Theme

Have you ever heard, never go shopping while hungry because you’ll end up just grabbing everything that looks good? Well, it’s the same when shopping for Halloween decorations. Make a list and stick to it. Are you going for brain-eating zombies, those posing skeletons, or the traditional ghost in the graveyard vibe? All can be fun but your budget may only allow for one.


Stay Budget Friendly

When it comes to shopping, try out places like Dollar Tree, Goodwill, and thrift stores to save money. They always have low-priced holiday-themed goods and tons of crafts for the DIY crowd. Halloween is about having fun with your themes so it’s ok if your Pinterest project doesn’t come exactly like the picture. Try to stay away from temporary pop-up shops and places like Party City. Although they have all the trendy costumes and decorations, they are mostly overpriced.


Repurpose Items

If we told you black garbage bags could be cobwebs, body bags, or giant spiders would you believe us? Or that cheesecloth could make an awesome ghost or haunted house drapery. Both items are super cheap and can turn your yard of the year into the creepy haunted house all the ghoul’s desire.


Light Up Pumpkins

To carve or not to carve, that is the question. Remember, this is a budget-friendly blog so we are going to say skip the locally grown pumpkins this year. Instead, buy plastic jack o’lanterns and put fake battery candles in them. You can stash them and reuse them each year which will allow you to save money and budget for the premium inflatable decorations. Bonus Tip, plastic pumpkins don’t rot and smell after you forget to throw them away.


Halloween is meant to be fun and it’s certainly easy to overdo it. Just remember your training — make a list and stick to it! Because at the end of the day, the real way to beat the Joneses at Halloween is to have better candy! So whether you decide to trick out your front yard or treat all the kids, just remember not to break the bank.


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