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Need some fresh ideas to keep your kids entertained while social distancing? We can help!

It’s day 87 of quarantine or something like that, and you’ve played all the board games and read all the books and now don’t know what to do all day. Well, we can’t all binge-watch The Office for the 5th time so we did some researching and below are a few tips to help keep those kiddos entertained and keep you from losing your sanity.

Get creative with Chalk Your Walk

Baton Rouge Moms inspired many families to get outside for some chalk fun while decorating their driveways and fences. All you need is tape, chalk, and use the #ChalkYourWalkBR on their Instagram.

Plan a backyard picnic

March is one of the few months in Louisiana where we can enjoy bearable temperatures outside. Capitalize on this nice weather and bring the snacks outside instead of eating them on the couch.

Let your kids help with baking

It’s a great lesson in measuring ingredients, plus there’s a sweet reward of cookies or brownies at the end.

Have an Easter egg hunt

Don’t have any plastic eggs? Make it a treasure hunt. Make a list of all the items and clues and where to find them. This can keep the little ones busy for hours while you work on finally cleaning out that hallway closet you been meaning to get to.

Do yoga together

It’s important to keep moving during this time of social distancing. Not only is it healthy to stretch but you’ll feel great afterward! There are several free yoga apps and sites that have easy-to-expert sessions available. DownDog is free until April 1st, and for students and teachers free until July.

Learn origami

Use that construction and notebook paper you bought to finish the school year. It’s more than just intricate swans. Create elephants, dinosaurs, Pikachu, and baby Yoda!

Subscribe to Disney+

Yes, another subscription service. But this one has every single Disney movie and show ever all in one place. Watch here!


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