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  • A senior couple at a laptop researching IRA CDs.

    What Is an IRA CD: Everything You Need to Know

    Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are popular investments that many use to grow their retirement nest eggs. Some people prefer IRA ... Read More

  • Young parents explain how a piggy bank works to their children as part of an effort to show their kids how to save money.

    How to Save Money for Your Kids

    Every parent wants to help their child make a solid start in life financially, but what is the best way ... Read More

  • A middle-aged woman at a laptop doing research to see if she can direct deposit into a savings account.

    Can You Direct Deposit Into a Savings Account?

    Many employers now offer direct deposit as a payroll option. Although you may choose to have your paychecks deposited into ... Read More

  • A family of four meets with a credit union representative to discuss opening a savings account for a child.

    Should You Open a Savings Account for Your Child?

    With access to computers, the internet, and more, children are learning in new and innovative ways. Kids are even able ... Read More

  • A young African American couple reviews information on their laptop to determine how much house they can afford.

    How Much House Can I Afford?

    Buying a house is exciting, especially as you begin to tour new places and eventually find what’s perfect for you. ... Read More

  • ALT TAG: A man counts his cash before opening a money market account.

    Money Market vs. Savings Accounts

    Money market accounts and savings accounts are two popular options for saving and growing your money by earning interest. Although ... Read More