Baton Rouge Telco Federal Credit Union Unveils New Logo

New BR Telco Logo

We are excited to announce our new logo. This new contemporary logo is inspired by our strategic direction and focus on our members. It better represents who we are as an organization and where we’re headed.

Member Impact

Why is the logo changing? 
Baton Rouge Telco Federal Credit Union is a modern financial institution that’s evolving and putting more emphasis on technology and innovation than ever before. This new, contemporary icon and clean typography better reflect the strategic direction of where we’re heading and the evolution of our members.

Will the ownership of the credit union remain the same? 
Yes. The credit union remains 100% owned by you, our members.

Is this change a result of a merger or acquisition?
No. The logo change is not part of a merger or acquisition of any kind. This logo change is part of a comprehensive plan to refresh the credit union brand, continue to grow, and build a healthy and sustainable credit union serving you and future generations.

When can we expect the change? 
The process to replace our old logo is currently in progress. Our intention is to methodically replace the logo with as little impact to you, our members, as possible. We plan to phase out the old logo by early 2020. Be sure to watch for the new logo in branches, in credit union emails and notifications, on our social media, community events, website, and more.


Will my credit, debit, or ATM card(s) still work? 
Yes. Your existing Baton Rouge Telco credit, debit and ATM card(s) will continue to work. Please continue to use any card that has our old logo until a new one is re-issued. All cards will be updated over time, either when a new card is ordered or an existing card is re-issued at expiration.

Will I need to order new checks because of the logo change? 
No. Our routing number and your account information remain the same, so you can continue using any checks that have our old logo and they will clear your account as normal.

Will the credit union’s contact information change?
No. You can visit us online at or call us at 225.924.8900 or 800.634.3044.

Who can I call if I have specific questions? 
Your questions can be answered in branch or by calling 225.924.8900.


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