FAQs: Applying for a Visa Credit Card

We can instantly issue a card for you. That’s great, right? So you can walk out with your new card the same day if you visit any of Baton Rouge Telco branches.
You can contact us online, in person, or by phone (text or call) at 225.924.8900.
We’ll need your name, address, Social Security number, income, and monthly household expenses to apply for a Visa Credit Card.
Applying for a credit card is easy too. You can do it online or in-person at one of our many Baton Rouge Telco branches.
Yes. But the good news is that becoming a member is easy, and it comes with many incredible benefits. So apply online today! We’d love to have you as a member.
APR rates for Visa Credit Cards are determined by several factors, including your credit score, monthly income, and debt repayment history. You can contact your nearest Baton Rouge Telco branch to learn more.
No, but we offer something even better - low interest rates all the time, no balance transfer or annual fees, and no confusing promotional periods. With Baton Rouge Telco you get the best rates and benefits all of the time.

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