4 Places to Get a Free Flu Shot

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If you’ve never gotten a flu shot before, this is definitely the year to roll up your sleeve.

As this year’s flu season approaches, the CDC has said it believes that both the flu virus and novel coronavirus will continue to spread throughout the U.S. this fall and winter. Given that both viruses are potentially deadly and share some of the same symptoms – plus there isn’t a vaccine for COVID-19 yet, makes getting vaccinated even more important.

Access to the flu shot doesn’t have to be expensive. Actually, in many cases, it’s actually free with most insurance plans. Read below for options for free or almost free flu shots this year.

1. Local Retailers, Grocery Stores and Pharmacies
If you’re covered by insurance, many local stores where you already shop offer free flu shots. In our area, stop by your local CVSTargetWalgreens or Walmart to get your free flu shot with most insurance plans. Plus, you can save time by scheduling online.

2. Doctor’s Office, Urgent Care, or Drive Thru
If you have insurance, chances are your flu shot will be covered at 100% at your doctor’s office or local urgent care center. Be sure to call ahead and schedule your appointment.

Some local providers, including Our Lady of the Lake and Baton Rouge Clinic, are also hosting Drive-Thru Flu Clinics this flu season.

3. At Work
Many employers will host an on-site flu clinic for employees. This is a great benefit because it’s convenient, fast, and likely covered by your insurance plan. If your employer doesn’t offer this, it may be worth a call to your local HR department and ask if they could make this happen.

4. Your College Campus
If your campus is open, there’s a good chance your student health clinic is offering flu shots. You’ll likely only need your Student ID.

If none of these options work for you, use this convenient vaccine finder tool to find a location near you. No matter where you choose to go for your flu shot, the most important thing is that you do it!


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