Fee Schedule

Visa ®, Debit Card, and ATM Fees
Account Research Fee$15Withdrawals at Telco ATMFree
Additional Cards (after 2)$15Replacement of PIN$5
Application FeeFreeTransfersFree
Balance Inquiry at ATMFreeVisa ®/Debit Card Purchase Receipt copy$12
Overnight Card$50Foreign Cash Withdrawals(br)(em)(after 4 per month)(/em)$1
Share Draft Fees
Check OrdersCost of checks
Deposited Items at Telco or Shared Branch Returned NSF$30
NSF Draft Paid$30
NSF Draft Returned$30
Opportunity Share Draft$10/month
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee$5/item
Small Business Share Draft Account (br)Monthly Service Fees(br)Excessive Usage Fee(br)$5/mo **(br)$20/mo§
Stop Payment$25
Temporary Check(br)(excluding new checking accounts).50¢/check
Visa®/Debit Card Purchase Receipt Copy$12
Account History Print-Out (Paper)$1/page
Balance Statement and Research Fee$20/hour with a 1 hour minimum
Cash Advance on Non-Telco Card$10
Cashier's Check: Member(br)Cashier's Check: Non-Member$5*(br)$10
Check Cashing Fee(br)(if savings balance is under $500.00)$5
Coin Deposits: Loose(br)Coin Deposits: Rolled10% of Deposits(br)Free
Copy of Statement/Reissue (Paper)$5/month
Draft Collection Fee$10/item
Faxed Copy of a Check$5
Mailed Statements (New Members)$1/statement
Money Order$2*
Phone Transactions or Account Inquiries$1
Photocopy of a Check$3
Returned Mail Fee$5
Stop Payment/Credit Union Checks$10*
Stop Payment/Money Order (Money Gram)$18*
Tax Levy Fee$20

An account is considered dormant if the balance falls below $100 and there is no activity for one year.

Dormant Accounts
Dormant Fee$5/month
Reopen Fee$10
Safe Deposit Box (Annual Fees)
3 x 5$25
3 x 10$35
5 x 10$50
10 x 11$70
Drilled BoxActual cost to drill
Key Replacement Fee$25
Wire Transfers
Domestic - Incoming$5
Domestic - Outgoing$15

Early withdrawal from certificates.

Withdrawal Fees and Penalties
1 year or less3 months' dividend
2 years or more6 months' dividend
Withdrawal from savings after the first 4$3
Withdrawal from Christmas Club Account$5

* Applicable fees for CO-OP Shared Branching.

** You must maintain a total minimum daily balance of $2,500 in all of your accounts under the same member number to avoid fee.

§ This fee will apply if you have over 100 combined items posted to the account during the month.