Life brings change. Your account can reflect that.

Adding an account owner

To add a joint owner to your account(s), you and any other existing owner(s) on your account(s) must visit a Telco location with the prospective owner.

The prospective owner must present valid photo identification (e.g. state-issued driver’s license or identification card). Any identification must not be expired and must reflect the individual’s current name and address. If a name change has not yet been updated, the prospective owner must provide a certified copy of a marriage license. If the address is incorrect, the prospective owner must provide proof of residency in the form of a utility bill or lease agreement.

Removing an account owner

To remove any owner from your account(s), all existing account owners must sign an Account Change Card. You may visit any Telco location to complete the process.

If you are unable to visit an office, all account owners can complete and sign an Account Change Card in the presence of a notary. Once completed, the form may be mailed or returned in to any of our offices. You cannot remove the primary member from an account.