Managing Your Visa® Card

Access all of the resources you need to manage your Telco Visa® cards.

Activate Your Visa® Card

Click here to activate your Visa® credit or debit card online or call (800) 411-6390.

Apply for a Credit Limit Increase

Click here to apply for a credit limit increase on an existing Telco Visa® credit card.

Transaction Assistance Line

If your Visa® credit or debit card gets declined after-hours (evenings, weekends, or holidays), contact (888) 526-0404 or (for collect calls outside the U.S.) (206) 352-4954 for assistance.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Report your Visa® credit or debit card lost or stolen online or call (800) 682-6075.

Fraud Prevention Service

Click here for more information about our Fraud Prevention Service.

Special Online Shopping Discounts

Receive special offers at select stores when you use your Telco Visa® credit or debit card. Shop online by clicking on Visa® Rewards Online.

Traveling Out of State

If you are traveling out of state, let us know. To protect our members, Telco uses a monitoring service that tracks all member accounts for unusual transactions. When we know you'll be making purchases in another state or country, we can cancel any automated fraud protection measures from disrupting your trip. Log into Online Banking to contact us securely with your travel plans.