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Enjoy a little extra money when YOU need it. Telco has an affordable loan option for your budget and lifestyle.

When it comes to borrowing money for all of life’s needs, a Signature Loan is a simple, flexible option that can help you along the way. Baton Rouge Telco can loan you the money you need to consolidate bills, tuition assistance, or just that much-needed vacation.

You can apply for a new loan (secured or unsecured) or refinance an existing loan. Use our loan calculator to find out how low your payments can be.

Signature Loans

Qualifying members can borrow up to $25,000 with repayment terms up to 48 months with no collateral required.

Share Secured Loans

A secured loan that uses funds on deposit in your share account, share certificate, or money market account as collateral.

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You can also visit any Telco location to apply today!

*$10 application fee. Original signature required before loan proceeds are released.