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Visa ®, Debit Card, and ATM Fees

Account Research Fee


Withdrawals at Telco ATM


Additional Cards (after 2)


Replacement of PIN


Application Fee




Balance Inquiry at ATM


Visa ®/Debit Card Purchase Receipt copy


Overnight Card


Foreign Cash Withdrawals
(after 4 per month)


Share Draft Fees

** You must maintain a total minimum daily balance of $2,500 in all of your accounts under the same member number to avoid fee.

§ This fee will apply if you have over 100 combined items posted to the account during the month.

Check Orders

Cost of checks

Deposited Items at Telco or Shared Branch Returned NSF


NSF Draft Paid


NSF Draft Returned


Opportunity Share Draft


Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee


Small Business Share Draft Account Monthly Service Fees

$5/mo **

Small Business Share Draft Account Excessive Usage Fee


Stop Payment


Temporary Check (excluding new checking accounts)


Visa®/Debit Card Purchase Receipt Copy



* Applicable fees for CO-OP Shared Branching.

Account History Print-Out (Paper)


Balance Statement and Research Fee

$20/hour with a 1 hour minimum

Cash Advance on Non-Telco Card


Cashier's Check: Member


Cashier's Check: Non-Member


Check Cashing Fee (if savings balance is under $500.00)


Coin Deposits: Loose

10% of Deposits

Coin Deposits: Rolled


Copy of Statement/Reissue (Paper)


Draft Collection Fee


Faxed Copy of a Check


Mailed Statements (New Members)


Money Order




Phone Transactions or Account Inquiries


Photocopy of a Check


Returned Mail Fee


Stop Payment/Credit Union Checks


Stop Payment/Money Order (Money Gram)


Tax Levy Fee


Dormant Accounts*

* An account is considered dormant if the balance falls below $100 and there is no activity for one year.

Dormant Fee


Reopen Fee


Safe Deposit Box (Annual Fees)

3 x 5


3 x 10


5 x 10


10 x 11


Drilled Box

Actual cost to drill

Key Replacement Fee


Wire Transfers

Domestic - Incoming


Domestic - Outgoing




Withdrawal Fees and Penalties (Early withdrawal from certificates)

1 year or less

3 months' dividend

2 years or more

6 months' dividend

Withdrawal from savings after the first 4


Withdrawal from Christmas Club Account