Credit Card Rates

Good savings, better rewards, best support.

Baton Rouge Telco offers some of the most competitive credit card rates in the area and specializes in the distribution of credit cards for thousands of members. Our three unique cards provide various ways to spend, save, and reward yourself.

Our team makes it easy to get started so you can start saving while you spend. Take advantage of incredible credit card benefits that include:

  • Easy online applications
  • Digital wallet and banking systems
  • Helpful member service representatives

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Credit Card Rates


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Factors Affecting Your Credit Card Rate

From the card type you choose to the financial decisions you make, your credit card rate will be determined by several important factors. These may include:

  • Your credit score (as reported by one of the three major credit reporting agencies)
  • Ongoing Prime Rates established by the Federal Government
  • Your history of debt repayment
  • Debt to income ratio, or DTI

Your credit card may have a higher or lower rate according to your unique circumstances, debt history, and credit score. Encouraging yourself to keep good financial habits today will likely lead to lower monthly payments and APR rates in the future.

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Credit Card Rates FAQ

Q: How much could I save with a balance transfer to a Baton Rouge Telco credit card?

A: The amount of money you could save with a balance transfer depends on your current credit card’s interest rate, the total amount transferred, among other factors. Use the credit card management calculator here to determine how much you could save on monthly payments.

Q: Why are Baton Rouge Telco’s credit card rates lower than traditional banks’?

A: Thanks to our membership-based joining system and a non-for-profit business margin, our team can offer low credit card interest rates. Apply to receive your rate today!

Q: Is Baton Rouge Telco’s cash back rate fixed or variable?

A: Visa Cash Back credit cards offer variable interest rates that fluctuate yearly. This adjustable-rate may be changed every 12 months to bring you competitive cash back rewards. For more information, please reach out to a member services representative.

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